Glass Coating

PVD Magnetron Sputtering Service

At Materion, we know how important testing is during the research and development phase of a new product. Given the time and resources
needed to up the testing of a sputtering target(s), we now offer an in-house PVD Magnetron Sputtering Service to help ensure accurate testing and results.

Comprehensive Testing Services

Based out of our Alzenau, Germany facility, our sputtering service allows us to partner with our customers to help keep their standard production up and running during the testing and development of new products.

  • Zero interruption to production
  • No reconfiguration and/or cleaning vacuum chambers
  • Test materials before purchasing full-size targets
  • Custom pricing


To learn more about our sputtering service, contact our team today.

Choose from a wide range of deposition options, including:

  • Static or dynamic
  • Metallic or reactive sputtering
  • Gas options: Ar, O2, N2, Ar/H2
  • DC-etching
  • Substrate heating up to 400°C
  • Depending on material, options include coating of a triple stack system without any vacuum break in PK75 & PK500 configuration

Tool configuration to fit your needs:

  • Dual rotatable, length: 500mm, DC-single or MF-dual mode
  • 3x PK500 Planar Targets, length x width: 488mm x 88mm, DC-single mode
  • 3x PK75 Planar Targets, Ø 75mm, DC-single or RF mode
  • DC or DC pulsed-mode: AE Pinnacle+, 20kW
  • MF-mode: Hüttinger TIG20, 20kW (for dual rotatable only)
  • RF-mode: Hüttinger PFG1000, 1kW (for one PK75 only)

Shield Cleaning

Our industry-leading precision parts cleaning and high-value metal recovery services improve shield life and performance. Our facilities in North America and Europe provide local, on-site support and service.

Refine and Metals Management

Our precious metals reclaim programs offer some of the highest metal returns and fastest settlement times in the industry. Our full service approach ultimately reduces cost and minimizes risk factors for our customers.

New Product Development

Materion’s primary mission is to assist our customers with successful development of new products that meet their challenging material requirements. To accomplish that, we offer a broad rang of chemical, analytical and manufacturing capabilities along with a full R&D team of experts.