inorganic chemicals

Inorganic Chemicals

Materion is your single most reliable source for quality inorganic chemicals, whether for R&D or full production. We can custom-make materials to your exact specifications, or you can select from our comprehensive inventory of ready-to-ship items.

For information on our standard material offerings such as: availability, prices, shipping terms, SDS and warranty,
please view our Inorganic Chemicals Online Catalog or download the pdf.

Materion Delivers

  • Broad range of manufacturing & analytical capabilities
  • Customization – Variety of chemicals, materials, forms & purities
  • In-house manufacturing – Control of process
  • Heritage of excellence & experience as the former CERAC
  • Materials required for a variety of thin film coatings

Making advanced materials that improve the world.

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  • Powder
  • Pieces and Chunks
  • Pellets
  • Evaporation Cones
  • Billets/Ingots
  • Rods
  • Evaporation Materials
  • Planar Targets
  • Special Shapes
  • New Product Development
  • Custom Alloys, Sizes and Forms
  • Custom Characteristics
  • Optical Coating Materials
  • Specialty Battery Materials
  • Heavy or Radioactive Materials
  • Phosphor Precursors
  • Arsenides                            •  Pure Metals
  • Borides                                •  Phosphides
  • Carbides                              •  Phosphor Precursors
  • Fluorides                             •  Selenides
  • Hydrides                              •  Sulfides
  • Nitrides                                •  Tellurides
  • Oxides                                  •  And more…