Materion Electronic Materials – Materials to advance the world’s technologies.

Materion is a global supplier of premium specialty materials with over 100+ years of combined experience in delivering customized products and services. We support multiple industries including semiconductor, LED, advanced memory, optical coatings and large area glass. Because of our industry experts and extensive manufacturing capabilities, we are able to meet the unique material requirements of today and help our customer’s develop new products for tomorrow.


Our offerings include precious and non-precious thin film deposition materials, inorganic chemicals and microelectronic packaging products.

sputtering target

Sputtering Targets

High purity targets in a wide range of materials, sizes, forms & configurations – including precious metals, non-precious metals, planar and rotatable targets.

inorganic chemicals

Evaporation Materials

Broad selection of precious metal, non-precious metal and ceramic-inorganic materials available in a variety of slugs, pieces, cones or starter sources.


Microelectronic Packages

High reliability electronic packaging products in a wide assortment of standard designs or customized to meet your specific requirements.

inorganic chemicals

Inorganic Chemicals

Comprehensive catalog of inorganic chemicals plus evaporation materials to support a variety of thin film and optical coatings.

gold target


Advanced Materials + Invested Partner + Secure Future

Materion is dedicated to the semiconductor industry’s demand for high-reliability sputtering targets, evaporation materials and microelectronic packaging and we are committed to our customer’s need for consistency and responsiveness. While other companies are divesting, we are investing in our facilities and updating our clean rooms to meet the semiconductor fabrication facility conditions.

Our technical expertise, global manufacturing capabilities and metal management services enable us to support every part of your business.

New product development  |  High-performance products  |  Shield cleaning services  |  Full metal management


More than a materials supplier, we are a full service partner.  Our offerings include new product development, shields and precision parts cleaning, target bonding, precious metal management and refining.

copper target

Target Bonding

Our backing plates and bonding processes ensure the integrity of the bond between the target and the backing plate for optimal sputtering performance.

shield cleaning

Shield Cleaning

Innovative chemical cleaning and advanced surface treatments dramatically extend the life of the shield and deliver cost-effective maximum metal recovery.

New Product Development

Our technical experts provide a full range of leading-edge capabilities to assist in developing new products – from prototype through successful production.

Refine & Metal Management

Lower total-cost-of-ownership with our shield cleaning and refining services that provide the highest metal return settlements.



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