Sputtering targets

Target Bonding

The thermal and mechanical integrity of the bond between a sputtering target and its backing plate is essential to optimal performance.
To achieve that goal, the physical properties of the target and backing plate must be considered, and the right bonding process selected.
Materion offers a choice of solder bonding, diffusion bonding and proprietary high-temperature bonding.  This is Target Bonding.


Sputtering target backing plate cleaning and resurfacing for superior adhesion.

  • 100% target-backing plate alignment for proper fit of the cathode
  • Sputtering target stocking programs for quick turnaround on rebonded targets
  • Variety of traditional and custom alloy materials
  • Superior bond processes and analytic imaging for virtually void-free sputtering target bonds
  • Variety of traditional and custom alloy bonding materials

Making advanced materials that improve the world.

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Strategically located service centers offer a comprehensive range of materials management services:

  • Sputtering target material procurement and fabrication
  • Backing plate refurbishment
  • Precision parts and shield kit cleaning
  • Precious metal refining

We service all major equipment platforms, including:

Anelva Applied Material Aviza CVC
Evatec KDF Leybold NEXX
Novellus Perki-Elmer SFI Singulus
Temescal Trikon Unaxis Varian
Veeco  Tango Systems
shield cleaning

Shield Cleaning

Our industry-leading precision parts cleaning and high-value metal recovery services improve shield life and performance. Our facilities in North America and Europe provide local, on-site support and service.

Reclaim Refine

Refine and Metals Management

Our precious metals reclaim programs offer some of the highest metal returns and fastest settlement times in the industry. Our full service approach ultimately reduces cost and minimizes risk factors for our customers.

New Product Development

Materion’s primary mission is to assist our customers with successful development of new products that meet their challenging material requirements. To accomplish that, we offer a broad rang of chemical, analytical and manufacturing capabilities along with a full R&D team of experts.