Materion offers the broadest range of products to resolve our customers’ materials challenges.

> High purity sputtering targets and evaporation materials that deliver uniform quality for thin film deposition
> Microelectronic packaging products that protect sensitive electronics
> Custom specialty inorganic materials that span the periodic table.

Let our staff of technical experts assist you in developing customized materials to support your technologies.

Sputtering Target

Sputtering Targets

Our high purity, low-spit targets can resolve your concerns for uniformity, reproducibility and homogeneity. We manufacture sputtering targets in a wide range of materials, sizes, forms and configurations.

evaporation materials

Evaporation Materials

We manufacture a broad range of precious metal & non-precious metal evaporation materials plus specialty ceramic-inorganic materials to support optimal evaporative performance.

Microelectronic Packaging

Microelectronic Packages

For all your secure packaging needs, our microelectronics packaging product line includes a wide range of solutions such as ceramic packages, hermetic lids, AuSn preforms & frames, lead-free solder alloys, braze alloys and more.

inorganic chemicals

Inorganic Chemicals

Materion is your single most reliable source for quality inorganic chemicals, whether for R&D or full production. We can custom-make materials to your exact specifications, or you can select from our comprehensive inventory of stocked items.