More than a materials supplier, Materion is a full service partner. We provide customers with specialized services to lower their total cost of precious metal ownership. We strive to enhance our customers’ experience at every step of the transaction. Our offerings include: new product development, on-site assistance, target bonding, shield cleaning and refining & metals management. Contact us to find out how we can improve the performance of your current products and assist with future projects.

shield cleaning

Shield Cleaning

Our industry-leading precision parts cleaning and high-value metal recovery services improve shield life and performance. Our facilities in North America and Europe provide local, on-site support and service.

Reclaim Refine

Refine and Metals Management

Our precious metals reclaim programs offer some of the highest metal returns and fastest settlement times in the industry. Our full service approach ultimately reduces cost and minimizes risk factors for our customers.

New Product Development

Materion’s primary mission is to assist our customers with successful development of new products that meet their challenging material requirements. To accomplish that, we offer a broad range of capabilities along with a full R&D team of experts.

Sputtering targets

Target Bonding

Materion offers a choice of solder bonding, diffusion bonding and proprietary high-temperature bonding. Our superior technology and analytical imaging processes ensure the integrity of the bond for optimal deposition performance.

Additional Cleaning Services

Materion offers a breadth of additional cleaning services.  We have developed unique cleaning processes that resolves issues without damaging test wafers, satisfies critical requirements for pure materials, extends components useful life and reduces overall turnaround time.