backing plate

Backing Plates

The right backing plate is critical to your sputtering process. We can assist you in selecting the best backing plate for your application. Considerations include the material properties of the target and plate and their expected operating temperatures.

Materion Delivers

  • Backing plates may be purchased singly or with sputtering targets or other services
  • Our sputtering target bonding adheres sputtering targets to backing plates with 100% alignment and proper fit
  • Ultrasonic testing certifies bond integrity
  • The combination of our material and service offerings provide you with the lowest total cost of ownership for your sputtering process
  • Other services available include precision parts cleaning and precious metal refining

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Typical backing plate materials include:

  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Molybdenum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Specialty Rare & Non-ferrous Metals

A partial list of equipment platforms we routinely manufacture for includes:

Anelva Applied Material Aviza CVC
Evatec KDF Leybold NEXX
Novellus Perki-Elmer SFI Singulus
Temescal Trikon Unaxis Varian
Veeco  Tango Systems
Sputtering Target

Sputtering Targets

We manufacture high-purity, low-spitting sputtering targets in a wide range of materials, sizes, forms and configurations.

solar targets

Large Area Targets

For large-area coverage in coating processes, we manufacture high-performance large-geometry planar and rotatable sputtering targets custom designed to meet your requirements.

Rotary target

Rotatable Targets

Compared to our planar configurations, our cylindrical sputtering targets offer greater erosion zones for large area coating operations.