solar targets

Large Area Targets

For greater area coverage in coating processes, we manufacture large area targets, including large-geometry planar and rotatable sputtering targets custom designed to meet your requirements.

About Our Targets

  • Large geometry targets in sectional or monolithic designs, up to 4 meters in length
  • Broad range of materials: Ag, precious metal alloys, Cr, Cu, Ti, Stainless Steel, Zn, Sn & more
  • Super fine, uniformly sized grain for consistent film coverage
  • High-density materials for longer coating runs and reduced chamber downtime
  • In-house material synthesis and manufacturing operations

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  • Architectural glass (low-e, solar control)
  • Automotive Glass
  • Anti-reflective and antistatic coatings (ARAS)
  • Solar
  • Display
  • Medical
  • We now offer cast rotatable and plasma sprayed rotatable targets
  • Products for architectural and automotive glass: Zinc & Zinc alloys, Silicon, Nickel-Chrome, Tin & Tin alloys, Titanium Oxide
  • Products for solar (thin film): Indium & Indium alloys, Copper & Copper alloys, Silicon & Silicon alloys, ZAO and Zinc alloys
Sputtering Target

Sputtering Targets

We manufacture high-purity, low-spitting sputtering targets in a wide range of materials, sizes, forms and configurations.

Rotary target

Rotatable Targets

Compared to our planar configurations, our cylindrical sputtering targets offer greater erosion zones for large area coating operations.

backing plate

Backing Plates

The right backing plate is critical to your sputtering process. We can assist you in selecting the best backing plate for your application. Considerations include the material properties of the target and plate and their expected operating temperatures.