We produce solder preforms in the broadest range of materials, shapes and dimensions for multiple microelectronics applications.

About Our Preforms

  • Extensive tool library, 5,000 stamped preforms
  • Customized unique shapes and alloys
  • Extensive material selection for superior thermal & electrical conductivity
  • Lead-free alloys available in high quality materials including gold alloys, silver alloys, gold-tin alloys, gold-germanium alloys, gold-tin-copper alloys and more
  • Standard thicknesses from 0.0001” widths to up to 4.500”
  • Very accurate adjustable tools for low volume requests

Making advanced materials that improve the world.

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There are multiple benefits in using gold alloy preforms, particularly for joining gold-plated surfaces and for hermetic sealing.

  • Highly reliable and consistent solder joints
  • Resistant to corrosion and oxidation
  • High tensile strength
  • Superior thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Excellent wetting properties for lid sealing
  • Bonds easily to Au
  • Allow exact placement and precise amount of solder
  • Preform_solderComposition 80+/- 1% Au, balance Sn with total impurities <149 ppm
  • Length and width dimension tolerance +/-.003″
  • Thickness dimension tolerance +/-.003″
Microelectronic Packaging

Microelectronic Packages

For all your secure packaging needs. Our microelectronics packaging product line includes: ceramic packages, hermetic lids, AuSn preforms & frames, lead-free solder alloys and braze alloys.

microelectronic packaging


We are the world’s leading supplier of hermetic lids to meet your microelectronic packaging requirements. Our product line encompasses a full range of lids that can be customized to meet your specific application whether for the semiconductor, MEMS, medical or optical market.



When you need cover lids for high-reliability applications in semiconductor, MEMS, crystal oscillator, medical and optical devices, our unique patented Combo-Lids™ and Ceramic Combo-LidsTM can function in the harshest service environments.

Solder alloys

Braze & Solder

We produce braze and solder alloys for microelectronic packaging and high temperature joining. All of our solder alloys and gold brazing alloys are available in a variety of customized shapes and forms.

braze alloys

Sheet, Strip & Wire

We manufacture superior silver sheet, sterling strip material and silver brazing alloys that are the #1 choice worldwide. Our sterling silver wire and fine silver wire offer unparalleled surface quality, whatever your application.

BondFlow™ Adhesive

Our revolutionary new die attach adhesive enables low cost, high volume die attach onto a variety of surfaces. It can be applied onto the backside of a wafer and is especially well-suited for photonic devices.