Solder alloys

Braze and Solder Alloys

We produce braze and solder alloys for microelectronic packaging and high temperature joining.
All of our solder alloys and gold brazing alloys are available in a variety of customized shapes and forms.

Materion Delivers

  • Variety of alloys with superior thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Gold and silver alloys for excellent corrosion resistance
  • Trace impurities severely limited to produce high purity braze alloys
  • Tooled on over 5000 stamped preforms
  • Wide range of melting temperatures for consistent performance
  • WAMBRAZE™ powders with exceptional spherical-shape
  • Ribbon with impurity levels below 100 ppm

Making advanced materials that improve the world.

Download the pdf versions or our Solder Alloys, WAMBRAZE Alloys and WAMBRAZE Powders.

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Our alloying experts will recommend the best solder alloys and WAMBRAZETM alloys to meet your specific requirements.

  • “Ultra clean” braze alloys free of contamination
  • Pure metals and alloys
  • Precious metals and alloys
  • Lead and Lead-free options
  • AuSn in 80/20 and 78/22
  • Customized shapes – squares, rectangles, dish, washers, frames
  • Variety of forms – ribbon, wire, preforms, powder
microelectronic packaging


We are the world’s leading supplier of hermetic lids to meet your microelectronic packaging requirements. Our product line encompasses a full range of lids that can be customized to meet your specific application whether for the semiconductor, MEMS, medical or optical market.



When you need cover lids for high-reliability applications in semiconductor, MEMS, crystal oscillator, medical and optical devices, our unique patented Combo-Lids™ and Ceramic Combo-LidsTM can function in the harshest service environments.



We produce solder preforms in the broadest range of materials, shapes and dimensions for multiple microelectronics applications.

Microelectronic Packaging

Microelectronic Packages

For all your secure packaging needs. Our microelectronics packaging product line includes: ceramic packages, hermetic lids, AuSn preforms & frames, lead-free solder alloys and braze alloys.

braze alloys

Sheet, Strip & Wire

We manufacture superior silver sheet, sterling strip material and silver brazing alloys that are the #1 choice worldwide. Our sterling silver wire and fine silver wire offer unparalleled surface quality, whatever your application.

BondFlow™ Adhesive

Our revolutionary new die attach adhesive enables low cost, high volume die attach onto a variety of surfaces. It can be applied onto the backside of a wafer and is especially well-suited for photonic devices.