BondFlow™ Adhesive

BondFlow™ is a revolutionary, new die attach adhesive. It can be applied onto the backside of a wafer and B-staged prior to wafer singulation. This backside die attach adhesive will cure in only 2 seconds under 50 – 100 psi pressure at 250°C.

Materion Delivers

The benefits of BondFlow™: Our unique adhesive can be spin-coated or printed onto a wide variety of surfaces. It adheres well to bare ceramics, silicate (window) glass, CVD diamond and Al, Au, Ni, Si and GaAs.

  • Spin-coated layers have excellent thickness uniformity
  • B-staged layer is non-tacky with long shelf life at room temperature
  • B-staged coating cures on a hot plate at 250°C after only 2 seconds
  • Pressure during cure: 50 to 100 psi (340 to 690 kPa)
  • Minimal squeeze-out and tilt
  • Cured bond retains adhesion strength even after 3 minutes at 400°C
  • Multiple dice can be bonded in sequence without any movement of each die after cure, (similar to AuSn)
  • Thermal conductivity of 2.4 W/m-K.
  • Cured bondline thickness 3 to 20 µm.
  • Dielectric BondFlow™ also available, with breakdown strength of 140 V/µm

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Available Products

  • Wafer backside die attach adhesive
  • B-staged adhesive has a long shelf life at room temp.
  • Thermocompression cure in only 2 seconds at 250°C
  • Bondlines 3 – 20 µm thick
  • Excellent adhesion to bare metals, glass, ceramics and semiconductors
  • Minimal tilt or squeeze-out after cure
Microelectronic Packaging

Microelectronic Packages

For all your secure packaging needs. Our microelectronics packaging product line includes: ceramic packages, hermetic lids, AuSn preforms & frames, lead-free solder alloys and braze alloys.

microelectronic packaging


We are the world’s leading supplier of hermetic lids to meet your microelectronic packaging requirements. Our product line encompasses a full range of lids that can be customized to meet your specific application whether for the semiconductor, MEMS, medical or optical market.



When you need cover lids for high-reliability applications in semiconductor, MEMS, crystal oscillator, medical and optical devices, our unique patented Combo-Lids™ and Ceramic Combo-LidsTM can function in the harshest service environments.



We produce solder preforms in the broadest range of materials, shapes and dimensions for multiple microelectronics applications.

Solder alloys

Braze & Solder

We produce braze and solder alloys for microelectronic packaging and high temperature joining. All of our solder alloys and gold brazing alloys are available in a variety of customized shapes and forms.

braze alloys

Sheet, Strip & Wire

We manufacture superior silver sheet, sterling strip material and silver brazing alloys that are the #1 choice worldwide. Our sterling silver wire and fine silver wire offer unparalleled surface quality, whatever your application.